World Prematurity Day Donation to The Calgary Health Trust for the Neonatal Intensive Care Units $4052










2018 DONORS :

Margaret Seto - Andrea Vos - Randi Lee - Heart To Home Signs -

Ashley Kennedy-Temple - Mami Company - Jessica Sproat - Samantha Bush - Calgary Birth Services - Lace Brick Design - Baby Brick  - Prairie Mountain Co. - Succulents & Stems - My Mila - Mi & Fi - Diane Poon - Bear and Roo - Love For Lewistion - Make-It Night - Sarah Spensley - Cheeky Chipmunk Co. - Lowens Natural Skincare -

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2018 Photographers:

Head Shots Heather_edited.jpg

Heather Rattai Photography

Hi!  I’m Heather, of Heather Rattai Photography.  Motherhood exemplifies the cliché of the days being long but the years short.  Documenting the day to day moments of my family’s life, in retrospect, have become the most significant.  These images have become the illustrations of our family story.   I keep this in mind when photographing clients.  I focus on capturing the connection, the little details, and the personalities.  It was an overwhelming and amazing opportunity to be apart of the Small + Mighty Project and help provide families in the NICU with photos that are a part of their family’s story.


Brier Breton Photography

Hi! I'm Bethaney - the photographer behind Brier Breton.

While my main focus is helping entrepreneurs grow through product and brand photography, I love to step away from the studio and capture moments for families. Working with the Small + Mighty Project this year was an extremely rewarding experience, I am so grateful to have captured photos of each tiny little fighter.  


Shirley Lynne Photography

Hi! I'm Shirley, of Shirley Lynne Photography + Day in the Life of a Mom.

I specializes in capturing real life moments because there is true beauty in the chaos. The “day to day” is filled with incredibly meaningful moments that deserve to be captured and preserved and that is what Documentary Family Photography is all about. I have two young children and know that this phase of life can be a blur if we let it. Day in the Life of a Mom is a place that Moms can go when they need a non-judgemental lens on the reality of this amazing, yet challenging, phase of life. 


Lindsay Skeans Photography

Hi! I'm Lindsay of Lindsay Skeans Photography.  I am a relationship photographer specializing in capturing genuine images for families.  I have had the pleasure of working with the Small + Mighty Project for a few years now and I am honoured every time I get to shoot in the NICU.  It is an amazing experience to get to meet the families and to be able to give them these keepsakes of their little warriors.


Kara Rohl Photography

Hello! My name is Kara and I am a lifestyle photographer. I love being creative, documenting connection and capturing real, raw moments with families. I have been lucky enough to have been a photographer for the Small + Mighty Project since the beginning and have never been more inspired by the families, the stories of the NICU but most importantly by these little fighters. Providing families with a gift to see their love, strength and connection with their children makes my heart full. 


Jennica Christine Photography

I’m Jennica of Jennica Christine Photography. I’m a newborn and family photographer who believes in capturing real, authentic images to document each stage of childhood. My six year old daughter is a graduate of the Foothills NICU and is still a regular a the Alberta Children’s Hospital so this project is very personal for me. NICU days are long and very isolating so it is important to  provide families with professional photos during this time that they can share with loved ones near and far. I am honoured each year to be able to partner with an amazing group of photographers to help make these sessions happen!

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 8.45.12 PM.png

Heima Photography

I’m Breanne, the heart and hands behind Heima Photography. I really love photographing familyhood. All the parts: the silly and somber, the joyous and chaotic. In the routine and hustle of family life, it’s easy to forget how beautiful doing life with the people you love most is. And time flies by so fast. My goal is to beautifully document moments in each chapter of your family life so that, years down the road, your family portraits will flood you with memories of raising your little humans.


Up and Away Studios

Hi my name is Kristy-Anne, and I am a lifestyle photographer passionate about preserving memories. Success to me is defined by being able to live our lives with eyes wide open to  the little miracles that are ever before us. Through photography I have found a way to help myself and others lock in on the little things, and little moments that often become the big things as time goes on. Not only do photographs help to preserve memories for years to come, they also help to remind us of how strong we are and of what really matters. Some years go by in a haze and sometimes it’s  through photographs that we can find some of those beautiful pieces from those seasons. I love helping others find that beauty and creating art that becomes more precious with time. I was so humbled being a part of the Small + Mighty Project last year, and can’t wait to be a part of it this year. It changed me.