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The inspiration behind Jacob.Grace stems from my three children, Hadley, Rome and Nixon.  

They spent a combined total of 200 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units, due to being born prematurely.

They demonstrated great strength, and drive to push through their early challenges.

Their health today is largely attributed to the care they received from the many doctors and nurses

that dedicate their lives to helping kids like mine.  

It was from seeing both these professionals help, and my children’s determination, that I was inspired to give back.

In turn, Jacob.Grace Designs currently and will always have our Small+Mighty design with a portion of the proceeds going back into our very own non profit, the Small+Mighty Project, gifting families across North America, that find themselves on this very difficult journey

We create + curate, modern, inspired, everyday apparel for the whole family.

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