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Thank You for taking the time to find out how you, as a photographer,

can become a part of our project. All of our sessions are currenty BOOKED.

Below you will find all of the details you will need prior to booking a session. 


  • be prepared, this can be a very emotional experience. There is nothing that can truly prepare you for what you will see in the NICU

  • lighting is very poor in the NICU so we ask that you have experience in working in these conditions / have a good editing program to help out with this (NO FLASH ALLOWED)

  • due to the extremely delicate nature of these sessions we ask that you only partake in the booked session if you are feeling 100%, the smallest cold or sniffle can be life threatening to babies in the NICU

  • confidentiality is of the utmost importance to these families, the confidentiality paperwork must be filled out + returned 2 weeks prior to the session 

  • all waivers are taken care of on our side + only babies with signed waviers will have their photos taken

  • you are only allowed to bring one camera + one lens into the NICU (please leave everything else at home)

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to email us at

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